Purpose Hub Life Coaching
Purpose Hub Life Coaching

Your Self-Investment Options:

(a)Face-to-Face and/or Skype Coaching Sessions:

The full coaching programme consists of the following topics:

        Introduction and Setting goals

        Discovering essential stepping stones to your goals

        Discovering and understanding your God-given brain

        How your beliefs move you closer to success

        Uncovering Fear, Procrastination

        Breaking down negative beliefs and rebuilding the positive

        Adopting a value structure for ultimate success

        Uncover your hidden rules and always feel good!

        The Six Human needs

        All communication is projection

        Responsibility - The foundation for freedom

        Powerful Questions the answer to everything

        Long Term Goals what would you REALLY love to do?

        Purpose True meaning in Life

        Celebration Time!


(b)Empowerment Workshops and Talks

        Discover your Purpose Workshop

        Self-Confidence Workshop

Detailed packages and fees are available on request.
Please go to our Contact Us page for our contact information.

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Face-to-Face and/or Skype Coaching
Group Meetings, Talks, Workshops

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